Magnetic Job Search

Why Hunt for A Job When the Job Should Be Hunting You?


I call it “The Magnetic Job Search”, where the job comes to you, rather than you spending wasteful hours blasting resume’s for jobs that don’t fit.

There are 2 types of job seekers:

  1. The job seeker that puts in the minimum amount of effort, posting their 1 resume to multiple job boards, desperately hoping someone calls them back.
  2. The job seeker that puts together a plan, knows exactly what type of company they’d like to work for, and what value they bring to the company. This person carefully crafts their social profiles and resume, and has multiple recruiters seeking them out for the job of their dreams.

Which job seeker do you want to be?

The Magnetic Job Search isn’t your typical career advice, and it isn’t for everyone.

It is a program that is built for someone currently employed, looking to make the next step in their career.

If you’ve ready to climb the ladder or switch career paths, then The Magnetic Job Search may be just what you’re looking for.

But if you’re currently unemployed, and you’re desperately looking for the next dollar to come in so you can keep the roof over your head and put food on the table, then this program isn’t for you.

I understand if you just need to hurry up and find a job.  But this isn’t for you.  This is for someone who is willing and able to put forth some time and effort to actually have jobs come find you.  You won’t magnetically attract job openings in 1 day.  It will take some planning and preparation.

The Magnetic Job search isn’t going to just give you generic tips like what to avoid putting on your resume, or get a LinkedIn account.  It focuses deeper into what type of career you’re looking for, what type of company you would fit best, and what type of salary you need to be happy!

And rather than just tell you to get a LinkedIn account, it shows you HOW to build your LinkedIn profile, and how to engage with the right people, the right way, without being a pest to the decision maker.

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