Building Your Personal Brand

I’ve made a decision to really work on building my personal brand and becoming a key opinion leader.  Since I’ve recently started this, people close to me are seeing more activity on my social profiles, and are asking me why.

I believe that each of us is a brand; and since that’s my belief, I want to make sure mine stands out in the most positive ways possible.  I want to help others in their personal and business journeys, and I have a lot of experiences t hat I can share.

Pushing your brand message out across multiple mediums will help you reach a new audience.  Once you have the attention of the audience, you can deliver consistent value to them.

You never know the exact moment this will come in handy, but you can be sure that if you wait until you need it, you’re already too late.  For me, I’m laying a foundation, and then building on it.

I get questions from people that are unemployed and I think to myself, had they been building their personal brand over the last year, they may not be in their predicament.  I get questions from students in college that should begin making an impact building their personal brand to set them apart from the stiff competition they’ll soon face.  I get questions from sales people and I think that if they were building their personal brand they would attract more clients rather than trying to shove canned messages down a prospects throat whether they want it or not.

Building a brand is nothing more than delivering value to a specific audience.  Not everyone will like my message, and that’s okay. It probably just wasn’t meant for them.


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