LinkedIn and the Little Green Dot

For a long time, LinkedIn was nothing more than a place that you put your resume.  It was where you went to go find a job or recruit an employee.  But today, it’s much more than that.  And while many people wave their hand at it, they’re missing a giant opportunity.

When Microsoft bought LinkedIn, they made some major changes. And today, you’ll find many of your prospects sitting on LinkedIn hoping you’ll reach out to them.

So if you’re ready to turn LinkedIn into “LinkedInstant” leads, than it’s time to update your profile.  But if you’re not quite sure if people actually use LinkedIn, than pay attention to the newest feature added in November 2017.


LinkedIn added a new feature that shows you who is currently using LinkedIn.  If you scroll through your feed, you’ll see all of your connections and what they posted about or “liked”.  But look at their picture.  If they are actively using LinkedIn, you’ll notice a little green dot.The Little Green Dot shown above tells you if someone is currently on LinkedIn.  This is a great time to reach out and connect with a prospect or get a conversation started.

Pro Tip: Don’t try and close a sale without ever trying to connect with someone first.  It’s a lot like real life. You’ll just look like a jerk.

In addition, LinkedIn also lets you know if someone is connected using their mobile device.  It’s similar to the green dot, but also has a white circle inside of it, as shown below:

LinkedIn is continuing to make great updates to the platform.  It’s creating more user engagement and turning into a place to search for information to help you in your industry, a better place to find a job, and a good start to find ways to connect with people you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to connect with.

If you’re looking to generate leads on LinkedIn, it’s starts with knowing what the platform can do, and how to use it the ‘right way’.

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