Business Strategy

A tailored approach for adding value works best.

My belief is to create strategic and operationally-focused initiatives with the goal of adding meaningful, sustainable value to every organization I’ve worked with.  I don’t believe in a one-size fits all solution, and I enjoy working closely with management teams to identify common business goals, develop the appropriate performance benchmarks, and implement proven best practices.

While many people can share thoughts or opinions, I’ve walked in your shoes.  I’ve worked for companies that survived the 2007 recession, retaining a greater earnings percentage than the top line loss. I’ve done take-overs and turnarounds, implementing systems, processes and strategies to make our ventures successful.  And I’ve worked in the hyper-growth start up space, scaling a business from $14 million to $100 million in revenues in a 3 year period.

There was no one solution that related to the success of each company.  They were independent solutions for each.  And in some, our own thoughts and strategies were constantly challenged to meet the demanding growth.

My mission is to maximize profit and cash flow.  This is accomplished through  strategic, operational, and financial expertise.