Bitcoin for the Holidays

Bitcoin reached an all-time high yesterday.

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency platform, grew it’s users by 100,000 from Wednesday to Friday, coinciding with the US Thanksgiving holiday.

One can guess that many Thanksgiving dinner table discussion revolved around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and that the “how to buy bitcoin” discussions turned into a show and tell on the computer. In the same time the Coinbase users grew, Bitcoin jumped over $1,000 per coin to over $9,400

Expect this trend to continue as families gather through the Christmas and New Year’s holiday seasons, and see the massive gains in a short time. Bitcoin will likely reach $10,000 per coin by the end of the year, if not by the end of the month.

Many think you have to buy full coins and that is their barrier to entry. But you can buy fractions. You can make a $20 investment. You can schedule those investments daily, weekly or monthly.

I made my first Bitcoin purchase on August 8, 2017 at $3,370.06. In the 110 days since, it’s returned 180%

If you’re not investing in Cryptocurrencies, what is holding you back?

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