Why Brandon

Hi, I’m Brandon Grittini…

…and for the past 15 years, I’ve been helping businesses scale, including taking one business from $14 million in annual sales to over $100 million in annual sales in a 3-year period.

But my mission isn’t limited to that.  There are 3 things that I’m committed to that make me feel fulfilled. 

  1. I help you attract the job of your dreams
  2. I help businesses scale and create strategic plans to increase profit and cash flow
  3. I help young people make small decisions to help create long term financial success

I know you have options when it comes to getting advice, and I want to earn your trust.  So let me share a little bit about who I am…

You Don’t Have to Come from a Rich Family to Become Successful

You don’t have to be the product of your environment.  Everything in life is a choice.

My parents had my older brother when they were 16 years old, me at 19, and my little brother at 24.  When they got married at 16, everyone told them they weren’t going to make it. 

The statistics supported what everyone told them.  But you don’t have to become a statistic. You can become an outlier. 

Today, my parents have been married for 41 years!

It wasn’t always easy for us growing up.  My parents had a 10th grade education, and times were tough.  My Mom worked 3 jobs most of my childhood. My Dad never missed a day of work. 

At one point, we were a family of 5 living in a 2-bedroom apartment. 

But if there is anything that I learned, it was not to quit, not to give up…no matter how hard times were.

We also learned how to get things for ourselves.  I was earning money as a 7-year-old when I got my first paper route.  That’s how my brother and I got the things we wanted.  We always had to go earn.

I Started My First “Business” When I Was in Seventh Grade

It started because of clothes and shoes I wanted to be “cool” and fit in. What junior high kid didn’t’?

But my family couldn’t afford it.  So, my Dad gave me his famous response: “Get A Job”

But I had a different idea. I watched all the kids at school eating candy all the time.  Mostly Blue Raspberry Blow Pops.

I asked my Dad to go to Sam’s Club on Saturday and I bought 1 box of those blow pops. 

Monday at school, I sold out of that box, and couldn’t wait to get back to Sam’s Club!

That next week, I bought 3 boxes.  And I kept flipping them.  And then I added to my product line, which included other flavors and even moved into chocolate candy bars.

I was 13 years old, and I had candy distribution business going on at school making a couple of hundred bucks per week.  And I was hooked!

My parents always knew I had the entrepreneurial spirit, long before I ever knew what the word meant. 

And from that time on, I always wanted to build and grow businesses.

But First I Suffered Through College

Because this is what I thought I was supposed to do.  I thought it was a prerequisite to success. 

Maybe because my parents never went, they pushed so hard to make sure we had a better life, and they thought college was the answer.

I started at Arizona State University (Go Devils!)

But after year 1 of trying to pay my own way, I came home and took 2 years off.  But then I decided it was time to go back. 

I was working at a hotel bar near a local university, where I’m certain I gained more knowledge from the traveling businessmen I got to know than I did at school.

I made a lot of mistakes during my college years.  Expensive ones that I’m still paying for today.  But I thought I was going to be a CPA, until I took my first audit class and decided that it wasn’t for me. 

That’s not a good thing when you’re in college, because they pitch being a CPA and make college students feel like that’s the only path to success for business students.

That’s what funding does.  These CPA firms donate to the schools in exchange for promoting their firms.  Advertising or manipulation?

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do now that I knew I didn’t want to be a CPA, except that I still wanted to help build businesses.

And Here Is How My Career Actually Started…

…On a Sunday night at that hotel bar!

Sunday nights were the slowest night.  It was me and no one. The phone rang and it was the owner of the hotel.  I knew him from his coming in from time to time, and apparently, I had made quite the impression on him.

He called and asked me to interview for the Controller job at his real estate investment company.  I told him I didn’t have experience, but he wanted me to interview anyway. 

I had no degree and no accounting experience, but there I was, interviewing for this Controller job I had no business interviewing for. 

Needless to say, I bombed!

The lady said that I just needed to get some experience. Exactly what I knew before I ever went in.

But that interview changed my life!

That day, straight from the interview I bombed, I went to work my hotel bartending job.  Outside the employee entrance was the Controller of the hotel. 

I introduced myself and told him I was an accounting student and needed to get some experience.  If he ever needed help, I offered to work…for FREE!

A couple of weeks later, he gave me my chance.  And a few months after that, I was working full time in accounting, part time at a bar, and going to school full time.

When he left the company, I applied for his job…and got it!

After 10 years of running finance departments for hotels, I was getting bored.  I was in Nashville at a high volume hotel, but was hand-cuffed by corporate bureaucracy.  It was time to get out of there!

And Then I Got the Call

A friend of mine lead me to a startup company back in Michigan.  They were a hyper-growth minded company that was longing for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit to lead their finance team. 

My background was in taking failing hotels and turning them into successful hotels.  This was done through creating efficient processes, leading teams, and implementing marketing strategies to help scale.

The strategies I’ve implemented have helped increase sales, profit, and cash flow at every business I’ve been.

While at the startup, I’ve been the Chief Financial Officer, a key member of a team that took a $14 million per year business to over $100 million per year in just 3 years.

We were a 3-time recipient of the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in America. 

How I Can Help You

I can help you make the leap you’re looking for.  I’ve never had to find a job. I’ve always attracted jobs.  And I’ve been successful at every company I’ve worked for.

I think the key is to provide more value than you’re paid for.

So if you’re interested in attracting the job of your dreams, scaling your business, or turning around your business that’s on the verge of failing, then you’ve landed in the right place…

Why Should You Believe Me?

I don’t promise to have all the secrets to success.  I don’t believe in get rich quick. And I don’t expect you to believe I can help you just because I said so.

I’ve spent my life working to build a legacy that helps people and businesses create success in their life. 

I’m no self-proclaimed “guru”.  I can back everything I share with results. 

During the 2006 recession, I kept a hotel alive during the worst economic conditions we’ve seen, by making strategic decisions to maintain market share in a time where low price was the main driver.

I’ve turned around hotels that had failed, building processes and teams to make them profitable in their first year.

I helped one hotel sell for a 300% return on investment in a 5 year time frame.

And just like I’ve helped these other businesses, I can help you, too!